Clinical Placement

>> Saturday, November 17, 2007

I have just started clinical placement for nursing in RAAF Royal Australian Airforce something.......anyway the time I spent there really opened my eyes to what these nurses do haha. Many things happened while I was there such as someone died and someone fell out of bed even woth bed rails on O.O

The not so appetizing experience were when they you know "soiled on their beds" if you get what I mean. The smell is (x.x), but other than that I showered a patient by myself on a comote yeah !!!! SUCCESS

It is also quite sad many of the patients are demented and the only thing left in their memories are their past stories, and some of the patients were really good looking when they were younger XD

After my placement has finished in december 7th, I would have my practical driving test on the 18th so I have to practice hard. It would also be a video making month especially music videos.

All the best to you people dont think people are gonna read this but meh. Adieu