SNSD - 오빠 나빠 Oppa Nappa

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girl's Generation new music video totally rocks my socks off, although I don't know what the lyrics mean but the cute girls and peaceful melody just made my day. So happy Tiffany is pretty now she has got her long hair back =)

Thanks to atomrock5 for posting this video!!!!!

Some newbie musician posted a video response to SNSD's music video called MarsDarinder. He has his own website selling his music, and his music video really does not suit my taste at all don't know about you all. My guess is he is trying to gain popularity through youtube by video response to another popular viewer's music video which does not even share a connection. -_-" By the way his songs are pretty lame to me don't know about you.

Youtube Channel -


I Pluck Grass

Today's Story - I Pluck Grass

While working in the factory today, the supervisor thought it would be good if I do some work with him. So I asked: "Are we doing pick up's?" and he replied: " Nope you are doing some gardening".

So I ended up doing some weeding, which I thought to myself "I don't think I signed up for this -_-" it was definitely hard work and tough on my hands ouch. Given only a rake to do the work it was not the best you can expect.

I finished the work anyways after a few hours of Hard Work.

So my facial expression goes like this

(o_o )- You are coming with me today

(O.o) - Are we doing pick ups

(O.O)" - Gardening?

(X_X)- Its


Toilet In Carillon City

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just when you are about to bust, finding a toilet couldn't be more troublesome than this....

Well.....when I got there , another unwelcoming sign looked straight at my face.

Oh Yea by this time I was really busting.

Finally the toilet has been found after 10mins of searching, another reason would also be that I don't know Carillon City in Perth CBD. Next Stop to buy my legos =)