Avatar Film Review by Raphael Lim

>> Thursday, December 17, 2009

Avatar Avatar a film about which reflects how selfish our human desires can take us, such as destroying a peace loving race. Overall I find the film's aesthetics beautiful with its lush greenery and very life like plants and creatures. The story line had a moral attachment to the film as in many Koreans movies which shares confucian values such as love and peace. The story developed its characters really fast throughout the film, such as the time span it took Jake (the main character) to fully master his avatar as well as completing his passage rites as a Navi hunter and gaining the trust of the natives. The visual effects in this film made me feel as if I wished I was in such a beautiful planet with floating mountains and its lush greenery. The Navi characters seem to have a connection with their planet itself, it is as if the planet is one living organism as it able to connect with the planet's creatures and Navi race utilizing a connector most creatures in the film seem to have. This connection is what bonds or connects the Navi with these creatures to be able to ride or fly the animals, it also enables the Navi to connect to the planet and to bring back pass memories of long dead ancestors. Tha Navi race reminded me a bit of the African races in the way they dress, their customs and weapons. But the term "Avatar" was borrowed from the Hindu religion of a deity or god in human form. The sound effects had a very big impact in the movie from big loud booms to a lively music score, the sound and music played a big part in developing Jake's character through the 3 months he spent with the Navi people. The battle scenes could have been a bit longer but nonetheless an epic battle. The film ended with a happy ending, hence most "Hollywood Narrative Structure" do follow these rules. Although unlike other independent films like Maangamizi directed by Martin Mhando, which teaches us about African religion and culture, at least this films do teach us about what's going on in James Cameron's fantasy mind. I would really recommend this film to anyone to watch, by the way I didn't watch this in a 3D cinema. If you have any experience watching this in a 3D cinema feel free to tell me if it's worth it, I might go to video ezy and borrow one with 3D glasses when it comes out in DVD =). Ratings: Storyline - 8/10 Cinematography - 10/10 Sound - 9/10 Visual Effects - 9/10 Overall-9/10 (This is not an average) RaphRaph =) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Kara's New Bakery

>> Thursday, December 3, 2009

For all you Kara lovers, they are back this time in a reality show in which they borrow $60k and buy a bakery and make money haha, watchout for the fans who will rush in hehe