you believe that praying can stop motion to survive

>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

haha my final cut motion was crashing when I PRAYED FOR IT TO WORK AND I was speak in tongues throughout the whole time I was using motion . I had to create credits for our end of year film screening for class my class. Our film goes on big screen tomorrow hahaha

Thanks God it works


New Macbooks!!!!!!!!!! October 14 (American Time)

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 14 Macbook Event!!!

Finally it has come I can't wait even logging in at 12am to wait for new macbooks eventhough the timezone difference from Australia to America is long. I finally get to buy the new macbook pros and use it for editing XD. The shop is updating now !!!


080704 SNSD - TELL ME @ Music Bank [HQ] 소녀시대 텔미 w/ DL link

>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SNSD and Wonder Girls switching songs very interesting ah lol. In this Music Video where SNSD sings wonder girl's tell me some people would say that it may be a bit unnatural since they are trying to be both cute and sexy at the same time won't work. But I think its pretty HOT! especially Yuri shes so so HOT in this performance never thought she would be this pretty must be the hair change. Seo Hyun so ladylike oh my cow man. Yoona on the other hand is always Yoona nothing interesting on this one though, Sunny was cute tho ^^



>> Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well about SUPANOVA 2008 in Perth

This is the first time SUPANOVA held a convention in Perth. It was a truly amazing sight, although I would have expected more people to come since the celebrities autograph desk was really quite empty. I only knew about this a day before it actually happened, I guess it was not heavily advertised. It would have been more people if Hayden Panettiere was present but unfortunately due to circumstances it did not turn out that way. The cosplay dudes like this L (above pic)from death note looked really cool and yea really alike to =). There were many other cosplayers around but they did not match the similarities this guy had with his character.
This naruto jumper below was quite a bomb actually costing about $100 to buy, so I thought its best not to touch it haha.
The whole place was filled with stuff from computer games to Japanese anime, it was really a very busy place. Replicas of Ichigo's bankai sword (Bleach)sold out in a few hours since it was priced at $40 for one.
Considering what you can get from this place its amazing, just look at the comics section its just so full of books but its a bit pricey for me on a budget =D. The entrance fee was a bit expensive though $20 for an adult and $10 for a child under 12, however if an adult pays the child under 12 is free.
I really spent a lot on this picture, I did not really see any of her shows like Stargate but I remembered her from my childhood tv series Space Cases and yes I am a Catalina Fan!!!
but its a bit sad of how they stopped producing that show and it ended in a cliffhanger. This picture was worth it $30 for my favourite character =).
If you are talking about advertising, this guy really did it in the toilet(below) placing a stack of business cards visible to the men chucking a piss in that area.

Oh yea you get to test out fun games too, and get voice actors and authors of various books' autographs. Well for some of them you would have to pay a bomb. There was a giant Kon walking around as well lol.

The charity Star Wars group who would come and attend your birthday party and other functions. LOOK BELOW!!! One of those suits must have costs a bomb, since it has built in microphones to imitate the voice of stormtroopers and a battery operated fan Ohh...
At last the Gladiators, my sister and I made them do the AZN pose classic and a picture to remember always =).

Anyways, I have to go now see you all next time peoples =D


One month of doing nothing well no work la

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I quit my job last week, so happy I am free but not happy because I have no income nooooooooooo but anyways my bluescreen should be complete this week and filming should resume at the start of july when I have people to act because it is school holiday time XD.

Just started playing maplestory on private server netoverlords not too bad dont dc as much as the popular ones =D

stay tuned for my upcoming videos in July =D



Have you ever been in a Truck Size Rubbish Bin???

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Well today while working, doing my daily duties as the cleaner and packer for Zimbulis & Sons I was called to clean the Big Big Truck Size Bins in which I have to press all the garbage down in order to close the bin doors. In order to do that I have to stand on the bin itself O.O so dirty. After that I went into a even big bin to try to pick plastic up from the organic wastes, well it was not fun stepping into rotten fruits and vegetables its not cool dude its so soft its like quicksand to me haha.

Anyways all the fun has been told haha



>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

The music video is here by Hong Kong Backpackers

the link is

enjoy peoples



New Youtube Account

Hey guys I made a new youtube account and it is so is no more!!! I am currently uploading my newest MV when it is finish I shall post it to here to stay tuned people XD



Shock 2 Innovation

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Today I edited a stickman animation made by Terkoiz, edited most of the fighting scenes to make it very much cooler =) and here is the link
or u can watch it here if you want




SNSD - 오빠 나빠 Oppa Nappa

>> Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Girl's Generation new music video totally rocks my socks off, although I don't know what the lyrics mean but the cute girls and peaceful melody just made my day. So happy Tiffany is pretty now she has got her long hair back =)

Thanks to atomrock5 for posting this video!!!!!

Some newbie musician posted a video response to SNSD's music video called MarsDarinder. He has his own website selling his music, and his music video really does not suit my taste at all don't know about you all. My guess is he is trying to gain popularity through youtube by video response to another popular viewer's music video which does not even share a connection. -_-" By the way his songs are pretty lame to me don't know about you.

Youtube Channel -


I Pluck Grass

Today's Story - I Pluck Grass

While working in the factory today, the supervisor thought it would be good if I do some work with him. So I asked: "Are we doing pick up's?" and he replied: " Nope you are doing some gardening".

So I ended up doing some weeding, which I thought to myself "I don't think I signed up for this -_-" it was definitely hard work and tough on my hands ouch. Given only a rake to do the work it was not the best you can expect.

I finished the work anyways after a few hours of Hard Work.

So my facial expression goes like this

(o_o )- You are coming with me today

(O.o) - Are we doing pick ups

(O.O)" - Gardening?

(X_X)- Its


Toilet In Carillon City

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just when you are about to bust, finding a toilet couldn't be more troublesome than this....

Well.....when I got there , another unwelcoming sign looked straight at my face.

Oh Yea by this time I was really busting.

Finally the toilet has been found after 10mins of searching, another reason would also be that I don't know Carillon City in Perth CBD. Next Stop to buy my legos =)


I am back again

>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

This time to start up my blog again

hopefully i wont be gone long now =)


busy holidays

>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

Busy holidays spending time to play games, work and more work =( but anyway lets hope i pass my driving test and I will upload the albany funny pics hopefully soon !!!