Enrolled Nurses Gathering

>> Thursday, August 30, 2007

Basically the meeting of the two enrolled nurses classes. Well my class wasnt told to bring anything because my lecturer forgotten about telling us to bring food for morning tea lol.

Ok these guys here are my 3 lecturers from left to right Leonie, Florence and Nygell

Everyone here seems very distracted while Nygell seems to be the one interested in pictures

Australia is a very diverse country right ^.^ hahaha we have got people from all around the world =D they look happy ya? Here we have the mums except for the one wearing dark red lol

Of course we will not forget Dr Bodyworks XD

I saw this signboard on my way back to the busstop and I was like -_-" what in the world.............my interpretation is that the banks wants you to withdraw more money from them and the atm machine screaming PRESS ME!!!! but aren't banks suppose to keep more so that they could lend more out O.O oh boy conflict of interest.

I am going to make a slideshow for you peoples on the enrolled nursing gathering as well as the agenda meeting on youtube. I will post you the other pictures on the gathering I just need your email addresses.