Finally Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woo hoo Tafe is finally finished for me. It all happened one cold stressfull morning, when every class/crew member was rushing to set the sets up, getting runsheets photocopied, camera shots planned out. One funny thing that happened was the talent that was meant to come to our show as a guest dissappeared, and we were like O.O argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To cut the long story short we only managed to shoot 1 out of the 2 TV Multicam segments. We ran out of time for the 2nd second segment, and boy was I worried the whole class failed, and the director Megan Mills was crying that we have put so much effort into this and we did not even complete it. But the lecturer said You Won't Fail for this, I take Your word for this Howard.

Murdoch decided to send me a conditional offer letter to study, provided that I can prove that I have finished Tafe Certificate 4 by August the 3rd which is plenty of time. Since I know Tafe would take some time to process all this.

We had a Photoshoot in the small Studio with 3 red head kits and it turned out pretty well =)




God I put my trust in you wherever you lead me in your Strategic Moment in Time. You make all things beautiful in your time, and I will continue to believe in the wonderful plan you have for me and all I have to do is to do my best in my studies. Amen

Enjoy =)