Begun shooting again =)

>> Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow, after some time I got back to write again. Was busy being a photographer on a film set =p. The bad thing is I can post any of the awesome shots I took since it is like copyrighted by the producer, because I signed an agreement.

Anyways I have a script to be written for a new youtube short series. Hopefully this time it will work, and yes it will consist the 3 bogans. I really would want to reintroduce the 3 characters but this time we will use our real names.

I should have a few episodes by this next month done. Hope for the best guys. I should be buying my new HV30 rig soon. I have learned so much this holiday while being on set. I would like to Thank God for such an oportunity and experience learning also from a professional sound person Peter Mcintosh who has taught me a lot of stuff unrelated to sound and his 15,000 dollar sound kit.