Dilemma - Is my film degree worth studying for?

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

I am in a constant Dilemma......whether I should finish uni or whether I should just go out to start making film. Knowing that you do not need a degree to get into the film industry. No employer would ask for my piece of paper if I have a pretty decent showreel. Universities were only established as a mean of exchanging knowledge, and the means to study about something. However you can study about something but doing it out there in the real world is a whole different thing. Should I finish uni with a 15000 dollar debt or should I just go out and start making film starting from the ground up. Its 3 years to a degree and after that many media graduates start competing for the rather limited to no jobs placements here in Perth.

Film and Concept Art is what I love doing but it is worth a whole 3 years and 15k debt? Or would I be better off getting that piece of paper just so in case to impress my parents, friends, and maybe future in laws. Being Asian getting the piece of paper is standard procedure and a common flow in life. What if I break it? Its the acceptance dilemma that I am left with. I am praying hard to find out what directions suits me best and if its inline with HIS directions or not.

I know I can do a lot and I have lots to learn too with my skills..........Is studying film theory essential to be a good filmmakers. I know film graduates who end up working in retail stores and doing project work.............is this really worth it or Should I just go out there and start shooting.........because in the end it is me who makes the difference no the piece of paper..........I dont want the piece of paper to define me but I want to define myself by what I do...I want to be better than all the filmmakers that I have met and match myself with the top people because I want to be like them. Right now in uni no one has the passion drive for the arts of film......every student I have met just says that they will work for some company after they finish....having no future plan.

I just want to find people in my league and higher.....I don't want to be with the turkeys I want to be with the eagles. If you always mix with a turkey you cant fly....but with an eagle you can...



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