>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

I am back again you know hot you pay your tithes and continue to depend on God to give you a job? Except my case was a bit different, I really wanted to work in my field of expertise not in a restaurant or so since I find no other benefit as I have worked in several already.

As you continue to seek the Lord I find that his blessings just came overflowing, it good too. Today I just was tld if I wanted to videograph Mid Autumn Festival and it is paid too. The bad thing is that it is on the 19th of September which is when Search For A Star is on. Well I do plan to get my crew to shoot it and edit it so we all get a share and nobody is left out.

So far a lot of jobs came in from teaching the chiropractor how to do use microphones and editing software to photography for my friend to submit to a talent agency, to a wedding in September to a Mid Autumn Festival the week before.

Amen to that =)