So much stuff to do so little time

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

Its close to Search For A Star, after finishing 2 auditions. So far only the musical one has got in, other than that I have got to organize a crew to shoot the Mid Autumn Festival and 2 weddings after that O.O All paid of coz. When God says he will overflow your barns and storehouses he really means it, its so much that i have to sub contract work out. On to of that I have my studies to balance out and helping my family to move our house on the 21st of September.

I just did a light test with Pei Ren today we managed to spell our Initials and the word LOL haha. We are funny people. Lets pray for more directions if setting up a talent agency or entertainment company would be really worth it however to sell Korean music and pop culture to Perth since Perth is so dull and I think it needs a little of spicing up.

=D I will upload the other pictures later .