Beheld Shooting Day 1

>> Monday, May 25, 2009

Well....I just came back form shooting and edited a few good photos.
Becoming a runner isn't fun but at least you get to go on set =)
My first time on a set it was a lot of waiting and waiting as a runner, but when duty calls you have got to be quick. My first major assignment as a runner(not counting buying candy for the First Assistant Director) was to pick up signs from coast hire.

When I got to the place I didn't know that coast hire was actually Coates lol took me a while to find out haha.

The next thing I knew the signs wasn't small signs but rather massive chunks to slow down cars so that the sound won't get affected while filming. I could not fit the signs in at first and the 2 guys working there were rather lazy, I had to fix the signs in by myself until it fits after that they helped me load the remainder of the stuff inside.
The set at the Havana Restaurant was pretty flashy and grand.
I got lost 2 times today Thank God he lead me out of my lost path.

I had to buy Panadol at night for a certain someone according to the 3rd Assistant Director. At first I was like wah lao now its like pass 8 and in East Perth most shops would close le plus its a monday not a thursday or friday where they would open the longest. So as I ran to find a shop to get Panadol, I told God to help me in this situation or I will have to drive to some far place just to buy a set of Panadols. Lo and Behold there was an IGA haha and well everything worked out just fine.

Oh guess who I met on set? My old highschool classmate Rachel Lamb!

Oh Yea this is Pam the Producer and also happens to be Kiew's cousin.

God's hand was definately upon the set.