Beheld Shooting Day 2

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Okay today was really hectic, only getting 4 hours of sleep the day before wasn't catching on me. I actually slept on set today well atnight.

Normally as runner I am like 95% free to sit down and just talk to people, since I am always on standy. The only thing I did for the whole day was drive to collect call sheets and back. lol

I did learn a few things like what a Gobo is. Having Green Curry Chicken Rice for Dinner was fantastic! Thanks Julien

Anyways I shall sleep now since I really need some rest. I will keep any readers updated and upload the bulk of the pictures once I have finished this shoot, as of now I have lots of Assignments and stuff to catch up on.

Today God was at Set too =) everything went pretty smooth