Ross and Charlie's class

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well here's the deal in about two weeks we ahve an called "exam" right and we are told to yea go study this--> and we were in class like errr so what exactly do we need to study? The lecturer was not very clear in my opinion and passing this exam is at the lecturers discretion since Outcome Based Learning in Vocational training institutions like tafe are not precentage based. Its good in a sense if you know "clearly" what you need to study for or knowing that you can do the minimum and pass. But if its unclear in Outcome based learning then, you better becareful you can fail the whole course even if one criteria is missed in your assignment. By the way here are some cool pictures taken today

This is Neil

I shot this one through a window, hence it looks like its somehow photoshopped.

I caught Alex and Isabelle off guard in this one
cully and duff

This one looks like an Ad for a new film "Church Boys" hence the cross at the background =)

Nestor trying to be like all cool and stuff in Nandos

Off to Nandos Kids

I like this picture...........until that truck got behind themso I wasn't ablt to get a shot with the least depth of field =(